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Pixel Ad Network, a collective of more than 60 different Web sites
Pixel Ad Network, a collective of more than 60 different Web sites

Who are we ?

Pixel Ad Network is a collective of more than 45 different Web sites consulted by more than 60 million visitors who view over 190,000,000 web pages. Network Pixel delivers bilingual broadcast and customer service that covers the entire Canadian market. Network Pixel offers a variety of advertising formats, including; banners, enriched media, and video that meet IAB Canada standards. Network Pixel also offers content integration and creative media services along with a complete array of multimedia production services, content creation, as well as editing and research services. Network Pixel offers complete automotive industry sector services and content including a wide selection of road tests and articles, technical specs, service menus, advice and tips, an extensive photo and video library, as well as editing and translation services specifically designed for automotive sector publishers and advertisers.

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Advertising formats

Format publicitaires
Leaderboard728 x 90
Expandable Leaderboard728 x 360
Big box300 x 250
Expandable Big box600 x 250
Skyscraper160 x 600
Expandable Skyscraper320 x 600
Catfish728 - 1024 x 60
Wallpaper + Companion1800 x 450 - 1000 + 220 x 90
Billboard970 x 250 / closed

Network Pixel is in compliance with the North American norms & standards of IAB Canada.
Consult technical specs.